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Janome Mb4 Commercial Emb Machine W Hat Hoop System

Janome Mb4 Commercial Emb Machine W Hat Hoop System

This is an awsome machine! It's a janome mb4 that has been upgraded to version 1.3! The machine was just serviced by a certified janome technician and is in great working condion. The test stitching from the technician is still on the machine. Im including the flat hat hoop ($250 value), the m1, m2, and m3 hoops, the owners manual, the power cable, the usb cable so the machine will connect to the computer, rcs (the external display/control panel), a pack fo needles(10pk), the little scissors, some extra bobbins, a small lint brush, a seam ripper, a handy needle threader, five spool caps, spool nets, a big and little screw driver, some machine oil, an offset screw driver, some tweezers, and a nice accessories box to put it all in. This machine is great for some one thinking of starting a home business ro just want a real decent embroidery machine.

The machine is so easy to use that it's pretty much self explanitory. Ata pc cadr port and usb port (host) on rcs usb port on mb-4. Embroidery speed up to 800spm. Monogramming 2 & 3 letter.

Change colors ot favorite thread janome, robison-anton, madeira, mettler. Drag & drop editign for easy placement. Embroidery design resize 80% 120% by 1%.
Rotate in 1 and 90 degree increments (clockwise / counter clockwise). M1 9.46 x 7.88 (240mm x 200mm). M2 5 x 4.3 (126mm x 110mm). My set screen controls for contrast, in/cm, designation, nad other customization. Upper thread and pressre foot sensors.

Db rotary hook (full rotary). Type of needles dbxk5q1ny #11.

Skeleton (clam shell) body construction. Machine siez w365 x h640/(440) x d520 mm. Bed width w299 x h130 mm.

Packing size w450 x h620 x d660 mm (1). Low range speed up to 400 spm. Bobbin winding speed 2,000 rpm.

Machine ocntrol by rcs (option) or sub-control panel. Sub-control panel lcd with back-light (h12xw63mm). Lay-in thread tension (manual adjustment). Independent bobbin winding (with independent start button). Built-in auto thread uctter (needle & bobbin threads). Upper thread holder srping on the face plate. hTread cutter for bobbin winding. Resumption setting/my set (with rcs). White led x 2 sewing lamp. Start/stop key (on rcs and sub-control panel). 1 fro bobbin thread & 4 additional spool.

Nothing out of the country please.

Janome Mb4 Commercial Emb Machine W Hat Hoop SystemJanome Mb4 Commercial Emb Machine W Hat Hoop System
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